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World Of Aircraft: Glider Simulator Released


Experience general aviation as never before! World of Aircraft is aseries of stand-alone simulators that each focus on a specific kind offlying. World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator includes a series of(motor-) gliders and tow aircraft based on a high-definition flyingarea.

World of Aircraft uses a dedicated graphics and physics engine tosimulate small aviation. Each edition focuses on one specific kind ofaviation and will always contain the area, airport(s) and aircraft youneed to explore that kind of aviation. Because it does not want tocover all the world and all kinds of aviation you get more detail forthe parts that are in the simulation when compared with full blownsimulators.


It's a pure VFR simulator so it only simulates flights done withoutcomplex instruments and you navigate with your compass and youreyes. It's about the joy of being in the air and mastering yourmachine.

The first release, World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator, puts you inthe cockpit of the aircraft you find on an airfield dedicated togliders. You will find older and modern gliders, even a motor gliderand a glider with auxiliary engine waiting for you. You will even finda highly detailed tow aircraft to get your gliders in the air.

The flight modeling is exquisite and will show the strengths andweaknesses of each model. Most certainly World of Aircraft is not agame but a simulation and you will need to expect having to investsome time learning to fly all aircraft.


User Interface

  • Very easy to use interface, avoiding complex choices
  • Six languages for user Interface, radio, and audio (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch)
  • Three languages manuals (English, German, French, more to come)


  • Training for many flight stages for Wilga and Blaník
  • Free flight with all models
  • Multiplayer mode with Aero tow (Wilga and Blaník)



  • 25.000 km2 handcrafted terrain, near Mannheim, the border of the river Rhein
  • One high detail (Herrenteich), one low end detail airport, Speyer, close the Technik Museum Speyer
  • Five usable aircraft:
    • LET L-13 Blaník, a world-renowned glider, often used for training
    • Diamond HK36 Dimona, a two-seater motor glider
    • Schleicher ASK21, two-seater glider with good performance and solid aerobatics capacity
    • Schleicher ASK21 Mi, motorized self-launching glider with small rotary engine
    • PLZ-104 Wilga, robust four-seater aircraft, used for many roles, very suitable to aero-tow


  • Animated road traffic, ships
  • Ray-traced clouds
  • Animated windsocks
  • Birds in thermals
  • Cloud shadows
  • Advanced effects model, including dust
  • Detailed flexing of wing surfaces


Flight model

  • Per-element based flight model: each surface split into many sections, aerodynamic forces computed for each section individually, then integrated. 360x360 deg flow provides for natural and seamless stalls, spins, tailslide, hammerhead turn and so on
  • Blade element model (BEM) for variable pitch props provides for very precise computation of both linear (thrust) and rotational (asymmetric propwash) components
  • Mass-flow based model for internal combustion engine, correct computation of manifold pressure
  • Correct coupling of the prop to the engine (torque developed equalized by torque consumed by the prop)
  • Full computation of windmilling mode, including backward flow conditions
  • Gyroscope effect, p-factor effect computation

Sound model

  • Many sound effects normally not seen in simulators, for example the stick hitting its stops
  • Flow sounds depend on angle of attack, not only airspeed
  • Far distance prop sounds

Atmosphere Model

  • Thermals model based on real life flight test data
  • Thermals emerge, dissipate with time, get blown away with the wind
  • Velocity gradient across the upstream of thermals (so you can feel at which side of your aircraft the lift is highest

Area And Airport(s)

World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator is located at Herrenteichairport, a small airfield on the borders of the Rhine river, close toSpeyer (and Speyer airport is included). A 50x50-kilometre area ismodelled in high detail with tens of thousands of trees, house andcommercial buildings. A 30-centimetre ground image provides a perfectbackdrop for the area.

Additional Features

When you are done with the training missions and the challenges youcan connect to your friends and fly together. Use the Wilga to towyour friends to altitude or see who can perform the most preciselanding. You could even try aerobatics as a team. The sky is thelimit. This time for real. See you at the field!

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