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Work In Progress: Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS


The Aerosoft CRJ for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is still indevelopment, but the work in progress screenshots are alreadyimpressive with many details. We also now have two videos to show offthe plane:

We have already spend months and months on this project and almostall code is new. All modeling will be new, flight models are totallynew, etc. So you should expect this to be a full price product withoutany serious discounts for P3D owners.

For the release date we are 100% depending on the SDK and that oneis not ready yet. We are assisting Asobo as best as we can withthat.



Aerosoft Announces Twin Otter For MSFS 2020
Aerosoft Releases Trondheim-Vaernes For MSFS

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