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Wings Over Flanders Fields Between Heaven & Hell II v1.17


We recently released v1.17 update for Wings Over Flanders FieldsBetween Heaven & Hell II.

Not bug fixes, but instead only free improvements!

New clouds, new terrain improvements, new graphics settingsrevisions to allow good visuals with better fps, and more.

Please see the web site for full details, and read the change logon the download page to see how the new graphic settings can beused.

Direct Link

WOFF BH&H II brings you full immersion in the World War One Air Warlike nothing else. Be absorbed in the desperate fighting over No MansLand, and beyond. Fight over the most extensive and largest WW1battlefield ever created in a flight simulator.

Immerse yourself in one of over 500 historically accurate fighterand bomber squadrons, located in their historically correct locations,with the correct aircraft (over 80 flyable) of the time, anywherealong the Western front during WW1, or defend England from Gotha andZeppelin raids!


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