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Wings Over Flanders Field Dev Update


WOFF 2020 Dev update: Here are some pictures of the new massivelyupdated scenery. Of course the main western front regions havedifferent scenery, but also areas outside of there have been updated.

WWI brought the dawn of combat aviation - have you ever wonderedwhat life was like for a World War One airman flying those early dawnof flight dangerous aircraft over the front lines? Would you like toexperience the fear, the excitement and the desperate fight forsurvival on your PC? Look no further Wings Over Flanders Fields -the most immersive WWI flight simulator.

The new features are so many now, and the list has not beeninternally updated for a few weeks, but here are a few meaty items...

  • Collision damage physics and effects associated with ground objects, scenery objects, terrain, and other aircraft overhauled and new effects implemented and or revised.
  • Progressive damage now modelled for main wings - AI and Playerwhich means if you have wing tip damage you had better get out of the action soon, perhaps the wing will begin to fail...
  • All aircraft range/durations adjusted to be as near to actual as possible.
  • E2b can now fight more as a fighter it has new code to allow this specific case.
  • Implemented a new mission replay function

I mentioned the scenery is totally massively overhauled includingmuch better blending and more, so we will have more on that later...Sorry for the lack of news updates, we are just knee-deep in workingon the update!

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