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Wing42 Provides Update on Boeing 247 MSFS


If you follow the development, you probably noticed that I haven'tposted many pictures of the cockpit until now. The reason is obvious:it wasn't ready yet. In this blog post I want to share with you why ittook so long and give you further insight on the research anddevelopment process for this aircraft.

When researching an aircraft, we need as many drawings, photographsand documents as we can get our greedy hands on. The developmentprocess of any add-on is accompanied with countless hours of diggingthrough archives, communicating with curators of aviation museums,image searching and reading through hundreds of pages ofdocuments. The Boeing 247 is almost 90 years old and considering thatshe didn't operate for a very long time and was only adopted by veryfew airlines, documentation like technical drawings, manuals andequipment lists were hard to come by.





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