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Wing42 Boeing 247 To Include Realistic Radio Range Navigation


One big issue that had been bugging me for a long time is that ofthe radio equipment. The Boeing 247, and especially that later "D"variant utilized cutting edge technologies, which included somestate-of-the-art radio equipment. The problem is, that by today'sstandard, and thus the standard of Microsoft Flight Simulator, thosetechnologies are hopelessly outdated and simply not used anymore.

This bears some issues for us. Since we want to bring you a mostrealistic and historically accurate experience, the lack oflow-frequency radio stations and the modern VHF communication, takesaway from this experience.

My original idea was to cheat, by modelling a vintage radio buthave it use the modern frequency range. I even thought you could usethe same equipment to pick up the Morse code of the VOR stations as anadded bonus.

Then I met celestial navigation and radio expert Eric van derVeen. He released a stand-alone module for MSFS last year, which addsradio range stations to the sim. We started talking, and he sincewrote a wasm module exclusively for the Wing42 Boeing 247D thatintegrates his work directly into the aircraft. And if you have noidea what "radio range navigation" is, allow me to blow your mind!


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