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Wing42 Bleriot XI For MSFS 2020 Nears Release


Sorry for my absence, but we've been terribly busy getting ourfirst add-ons for MSFS ready. And booooooooooy are we close to it!

The Lockheed Vega

We ran into some technical difficulties with the Lockheed Vega thattake a bit longer to resolve. That's why the Vega will be the secondaircraft released for MSFS.


The Bleriot XI

In the meantime, we'll be bringing another iconic, but even olderaircraft to the sim! The Bleriot XI was a French aircraft that firstflew in 1909. It was a milestone in aviation technology and the firstaircraft to successfully conduct a flight across the English Channel,the first aircraft to fly a loop-the-loop and the first to cross theAlps.

I first started this project together with Alexander Metzger around12 years ago for FSX, but was never able to finish it. For the newMSFS, I overhauled EVERYTHING - there's a new 3D model, of course newtextures and a second completely new variant of the aircraft, with arotary Gnome Omega engine.

The flight model is being done by veteran aerodynamics engineerPamela Brooker and I can't overstate what an excellent job she's beendoing for this project!


What is so much fun about this aircraft is that it is extremelylight (~270 kg fully loaded) and under-powered - especially whenyou're flying with the 25 HP Anzani two-stroke engine! Your stallspeed is at around 35 knots and your cruise speed is at around 42knots. This gives you a margin of error of only 7 knots - so you needto constantly stay on top of your aircraft and react to every littlewind gust that easily pushes your aircraft around. It makes theBleriot XI a very interesting flying experience - you will learn toappreciate the elements even more and you will be left in admirationfor the courageous pilots that flew those earlyaircraft-contraptions!

The Bleriot XI will be out soon, so stay tuned for release!

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