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Willy Canuck Hosts The Corporate Pilot Dad


This Sunday, March 14th at 1400z (2pm London, 9am Est), TheCorporate Pilot Dad sits down with Willy Canuck to chat about the Real Worldof Professional Aviation vs Flight Simulation.

"Passion is the key"

This week, Willy and 'D' dig into deep comparisons between aviationand flight simulation whether it comes to learning the trade, creatingadd-ons or offering help to others. As an experienced corporate pilotflying the Gulfstream G200 and Citation XLS, The Corporate Pilot Dadis no stranger to life in the skies.

He and Willy have a chat about his informative YouTube Channelwhich has delighted viewers with his professional opinions on flightsimulation add-ons; and his detailed instructional videos on "how todo it like the pros" with various flightsim aircraft.

However, 'D' is no stranger to flight simulation; far from it! Asa fellow long-haul simmer, D and Willy discuss the great experiencesthat we all share in the virtual skies and how that has been a keypart of his life. Willy and D also debate the essential need forpassion in the real world of aviation; and for all studios developingflight simulation add-ons in reference to Willy's article onFlightSim.Com.

It's an old-school greaser-style of conversation about Wings, Simsand Family; pumped up by some hard-hitting rock tunes and smoothgrooves to balance the flight attitude.

Check out The Corporate Pilot Dad's awesome channel on YouTube byclicking the button below:

The Corporate Pilot Dad's Youtube channel
Talk to Willy Canuck--record a question, comment or song request

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