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WF Scenery Studio Previews Shanghai Pudong Airport P3D


Here are some preview images from WF Scenery Studio showing offtheir Shanghai Pudong Airport (ZSPD) for P3D v4/v5:



Hey guys! Recent previews of Shanghai Pudong Airport(ZSPD). Development progress is nearing completion. But need some timeto refine the other details.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is one of the twointernational airports in Shanghai and a major aviation hub of EastAsia. Pudong Airport mainly serves international flights, while thecity's other major airport Shanghai Hongqiao International Airportmainly serves domestic and regional flights in East Asia. Locatedabout 30 kilometres (19 mi) east of the city center, Pudong Airportoccupies a 40-square-kilometre (10,000-acre) site adjacent to thecoastline in eastern Pudong.

WF Scenery Update On Shanghai Pudong Scenery For P3D

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