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VirtualUA - Home For The Holidays


Happy Holidays from VirtualUA, Inc. VirtualUA, Inc. is thrilled toannounce our annual Holiday event, Home for the Holidays. The eventwill take place on December 12 at 2200z. Our route will take us fromWinnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (CYWG) toour final destination of Chicago O'Hare International Airport(KORD).

We want to thank REX Simulations, Hifi Simulation Technologies,Orbx Simulations Systems, Flightbeam Studios, FS2Crew, Simmarket,Aerosoft, and Flight1 to support our community here at VirtualUA,Inc. We could not have achieved the level of success we are nowwithout their help! We, as a community, look forward to supportingthem throughout the coming years.

We also want to thank Skyblue Radio for helping us get the wordout; we appreciate their continuous commitment to our community.

REX Simulations, Hifi Simulation Technologies, Orbx SimulationsSystems, Flightbeam Studios, FS2CREW, Simmarket, Aerosoft, and Flight1have graciously sponsored the event by donating some awesome prizesfor pilots to win. To participate, you must be a pilot on our rosterand RSVP byclicking here.

In addition to the prizes, our friends at Vatsim will be providingeveryone with ATC from gate to gate. This event is shaping up to be agreat one. We look forward to sharing the friendly skies with everyonethis December 12! It's time to start celebrating and counting down to 20 2 1! On behalf of VirtualUA, Inc Board of Directors, staff, andcommunity, we wish everyone a happy holiday.

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