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Virtualcol Update 2.1.7 for Beechcraft 99 Series MSFS


Virtualcol announces the release of v2.1.7 for their Beechcraft 99 Series MSFS aircraft. This new version includes basically a new cockpit. Now it includes Glass cockpit and GPS530 operative and not as dummy as old version and the possibility to open the passenger door.

About The Beech 99 Series MSFS

The Beech 99 is an evolution of the successful Queen Air and KingAir series, and shares the King Air's basic powerplant and layout, butotherwise is a new design, with a significantly lengthened cabin withgreater seating capacity. Design of the 99 began in the late 1960s, inpart to find a replacement for the venerable Beech 18. In December1965 a stretched fuselage Queen Air was flown for the first time,while the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 powered prototype model 99 madeits first flight in July 1966. The first customer aircraft wasdelivered in May 1968, the series then known as the Commuter 99.


At the time the 99 was Beech's largest aircraft yet and Beech wasoptimistically forecasting a production rate of 100 peryear. Subsequent models were the A99, A99A and B99, with differingpowerplants, sub models and weights. The B99 was available in twovariants, the B99 Airliner and the B99 Executive, a corporatetransport version with seating for between eight and 17passengers.


Production of early models was halted in 1975, and it was not until1979 that the improved C99 Commuter (plus the larger 1900) wasannounced as part of Beech's return to the commuter airliner market. Aconverted B99 fitted with P&WC PT6A34 engines served as the C99prototype and flew in this form for the first time on June 201980. Production aircraft featured PT6A36 engines, and deliveriesrecommenced following certification, both in July 1981. Shortlyafterwards it became known as the C99 Airliner. C99 production ceasedin 1986.


Virtualcol is thrilled to bring you a recreation of the Beechcraft99 Airliner for Microsoft® Flight Simulator®, including an analoguecockpit in the first release, with expectations of a further updateincluding a glass cockpit. This pack includes three models: two forpassengers and a freighter version and 20 liveries.

Purchase Virtualcol - Beechcraft Model 99 Series for MSFS 2020

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