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Virtavia - L-1049G Super Constellation for P3D v4/v5


The "Super G" was the most successful version of the Lockheed SuperConstellations and one of the last great piston-engine airliners. Soonafter the plane's introduction, it became clear that airlines wouldinvest in jet aircraft. For long range operations, the Super G couldbe fitted with extra wingtip tanks increasing the fuel capacity bytwo-thirds more than the original "Connie" models. The first flight ofthe G-model Constellation was on December 7, 1954 and it wasintroduced to commercial service by Northwest Airlines on July 1,1955. The Super G was a popular choice among the airlines with 42being flown by domestic carriers and 59 by foreign airlines.



  • Easy installation with P3D's auto-discovery feature
  • PBR materials used throughout
  • '3D' constructed gauges used throughout
  • 324 custom animations
  • Cockpit is optimized for VR use, fully tested
  • Switch click and other custom cockpit sounds
  • High quality Skysong Soundworks sound set
  • Cockpit features authentic representations of both Pilot, Copilot and Flight Engineer stations
  • Radio Operator's Station, representation only
  • One 8K livery, 4K VC textures
  • Custom engine startup smoke effect
  • Togglable crew figures
  • Embarkation stairs appear on exit open
  • Illustrated 37-page user manual in PDF format

Note - NO 2D panel is provided.



Purchase Virtavia - L-1049G Super Constellation for P3D v4/v5

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