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UK2000 Update On Isle Of Man For MSFS 2020


Update on IOM 2021HD for MSFS Base Photos:

Good news, the lime green and purple MS base photos have beenremoved. Bad news, it has been replaced now with a dark lowresolution version. At the moment our IOM scenery stands out like asore thumb, so we will be darkening our airfield base to match the'new' MS base photos.

Image 1 - What the base photos used to look like

Image 2 - What the base photos now look like

Isle of Man Airport is the main civilian airport on the Isle ofMan. It is located in the south of the island at Ronaldsway nearCastletown, 6 nautical miles southwest of Douglas, the island'scapital. Along with the Isle of Man Sea Terminal, it is one of the twomain gateways to the island.


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