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UK2000 Scenery Updates Bristol 2020HD For MSFS


Bristol 2020HD for MSFS has been updated to version 1.02.

Fixes Since Release:

  • Moved PAPI to match TDZ marks on Runway
  • Moved one car, that was in the way of a parking spot
  • Added poly to remove trees from runway (only effected a few users)
  • Added AFD polys to remove grass from A38 road
  • Removed flashing roof from a building.
  • Changed installer to now detect the users Community folder path

FAQ About Our Sceneries In MSFS

  1. Is this a port? No, all sceneries are redeveloped from the ground up, taking advantage off all the new features the sim has to offer, e.g. sloped runways, etc. Each scenery will also be brought up to date with how the airport looks in real life today, or how it looks when we come to develop that scenery.
  2. Are all your sceneries coming to MSFS? Yes, ALL of our sceneries are being redeveloped for MSFS.
  3. Are you planning on joining the MSFS Marketplace? No, we are currently not planning to join the MSFS Marketplace. But if there is a demand for our sceneries in the Marketplace, then we will consider joining.
  4. Do I get a discount if I own the previous version of each scenery? Yes, all owners of the previous version of the scenery will receive a 50% discount off the full price.


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