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UK2000 Scenery Releases Jersey 2021 For MSFS


UK2000 Scenery announces the release of UK2000 Jersey 2021for Microsoft Flight Sim (MSFS 2020).

Jersey Airport was opened on 10th March 1937, and covered an areaof 97 acres, with a 980-yard grass runway. This included a newterminal building, a central tower, and two side buildings forarrivals and departures. There were also two large hangars. In July1940 enemy forces touched down, and five years of German occupationfollowed during World War Two. Following liberation in May 1945,Jersey Airport started passenger flights once again, and trafficdramatically increased.

During the 1950s a tarmac runway was built, and by 1965 jets wereable to use the airport. By 1976 the number of passengers using JerseyAirport was over 100,000 and improvements continued into the1980s.

A modern departures extension was opened in 1997, providing muchmore space and better facilities. A new Air Traffic Control Buildingand Tower were built in 2010, with the old tower removed from theoriginal terminal (restoring it back to it's 1930s appearance).

Our new system takes advantage of the sloping terrain technology inMSFS. we now have sloping runways and airports. No more will we haveto put up with flat unrealistic airports. You can see the undulationin the runway and even experiences changes apron and taxiwayslopes.

The scenery utilises many of the new MSFS features, including theirairport and approach light models. The MSFS Vegetation system is usedwhere possible to populate the airfield with grass, trees andscrubs. Scenery also includes animated runway guard lights (wigwags)and rotating radar.


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