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UK2000 Scenery Previews Bristol Airport For MSFS


Bristol 2020HD, coming soon for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Pricing: This has and will take a long time and we simply can'tafford not to charge for our MSFS work. It will however be at a 50%off price for existing users of the P3D/X-Plane Bristol 2019HDversion.


Bristol Airport, at Lulsgate Bottom in North Somerset, is thecommercial airport serving the city of Bristol, England, and thesurrounding area. It is 7 nautical miles southwest of Bristol citycentre. Airlines with operating bases at the airport include EasyJetand Ryanair. The airport has a Civil Aviation Authority Public UseAerodrome Licence (number P432) that allows flights for the publictransport of passengers and for flying instruction.

UK2000 Scenery Comments On Working With New MSFS
UK2000 Scenery MSFS Update

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