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UK2000 Scenery MSFS Update


Hi everyone, just a little update for everyone. We are not going toannounce plans or products, as we don't like to tip off thecompetition, but rest assured we are fully embracing the switch. Whensomething is due for release, we will announce it during the Betatesting stage. There are significant hurdles, the SDK is not finished,and there are some things that can't be done yet. But we have seen andlearnt enough to know that Asobo/FS2020 will continue to solve andrefine both the SDK and the sim, they are actively helping to come upwith scenery design solutions for third party developers and in timewill wipe away every other sim before.

The key word is TIME, this is a major shift of technology andmethods from previous simulators, this is no simple upgrade forsure. It will be take time for tools to be made, it will take time formethods to be perfected and it will take time for users to switchover. But it will happen and we will be there with our products.

Understand this, there can't be a simple 'port' of our oldscenery. In the past users have asked/expected for us to make a simpleport of scenery to a new flightsim, this is NOT possible withFS2020. Everything has to be remade and it will take a long time.

It will be worth it in the end.

Price will be based on time spent on developing the sceneries,which is our normal policy.


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