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TweakFS - Config Studio for P3D


TweakFS has released Config Studio for P3D, a"Swiss Army Knife" for your Prepar3D config files (CFG & XML).

Developers and enthusiasts alike often need to tweak aconfiguration file to get the sim running just right, or perhapstroubleshoot an FS add-on that might not be loading.

This utility allows you to easily locate, edit, save, backup andrestore these important files in a code editor, similar to an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) with syntax highlighting toimprove readability of the files.

All editions of Prepar3D (v1 to v4) are supported, these are thefiles handled by this utility:

  • Prepar3D.Cfg
  • Scenery.Cfg
  • Terrain.Cfg
  • Cameras.Cfg
  • Dll.xml
  • Exe.xml
  • SimConnect.xml

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