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TouchingCloud Announces Ka-10M "HAT" Helicopter MSFS


This project was in the to-do list since MSFS release, but finallygot to the production this summer. Impatience forced us to modifynative propeller simulation to make it suitable for rotorcraft, whichmakes this heli half-native (controls still simulated by customscripts).

Luckily, we have many people to help us with modelling andtexturing (kudos to Got Friends), testing and flight modelimprovements, so it was quick turnaround. Full list of everyoneresponsible will be available after release, same as video reviews andtutorials.

The Ka-10 (NATO reporting name "Hat") is a Soviet single-seatobservation helicopter that first flew in 1949.




MSFS Ka-10M Special Features

  • Semi-realistic flight model with native CFD simulation
  • Accurate weight and size
  • Multiple liveries
  • Animated mechanics – control levers, rotor mast
  • Animated default pilot model (IK bones)
  • Knee tablet with navigation map (Pelican’s nav MFD)


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