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TopSkills New Video: Jet Simming in MSFS 2020 - En Route


Learn to Simulate Fast and Powerful Aircraft

Aviation’s fastest and heaviest aircraft require special skills andknowledge. Jet procedures keep pilots busy from beginning to end. Makeyour jet simulations as realistic as possible by applying the sameprocedures real pilots routinely use.

Apply Instrument Flight Rules

Instrument flight rules (IFR) are required for almost all jetflights. Learn about requesting and receiving IFR clearances to taxito runways and fly your jet. See where to find more information.

Start at Gate or Parking

Request and receive clearances and services.

  • Clearance to fly IFR
  • Clearance to taxi to the active
  • Pushback

Taxi to the Active Runway

Learn basic taxiing procedures:

  • Requesting pushback
  • Taxiing at safe speeds
  • Following airport signs to the active runway
  • Deflecting flaps
  • Setting heading bug for take-off.

Taking Off

Learn about take-off procedures used by jet pilots at every airport.

  • Requesting and receiving clearance
  • Taxiing onto runway
  • Aligning centerline
  • Advancing throttles
  • Reading engine gauges
  • Using V speeds
  • Lifting off
  • Retracting landing gear

Climbing Out

  • Engaging autopilot and autothrottle
  • Retracting flaps
  • Changing heading
  • Maintaining proper airspeed
  • Changing vertical speed
  • Resetting altimeter


  • Managing power settings
  • Keeping safe airspeeds
  • Changing to Mach
  • Maintaining altitudes and headings
  • Monitoring fuel usage


  • Using autopilot to descend
  • Applying best descent rate
  • Maintaining safe and legal airspeed
  • Changing from Mach
  • Adjusting altimeter


  • Entering approach in FMC
  • Using Nav function
  • Or resetting the heading bug
  • Following ILS and glide slope
  • Preparing for landing
  • Deflecting flaps
  • Arming spoilers


  • Crossing threshold
  • Touching down
  • Braking
  • Taxiing to parking

Use Bonus Materials

Three bonus items are included for helping you simulate realistically:

  • A complete transcript for easy reference so you don’t need to take notes.
  • My latest quick checklist card for use next to your simulator.
  • My standard V-Speed card for quick reference.

An Advanced Skill

Simulating jet flight is an advanced skill. You need to know how tofly an aircraft in the first place, and how to read its instrumentsand use its controls. You need to rely solely on instruments withoutseeing visual references outside the aircraft. Using official aviationcharts is extremely beneficial.

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