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TopSkills - Flight Planning with MSFS v2.0


Flight Planning Videos Upgraded

TopSkills has issued upgrades to its tutorial videos, FlightPlanning in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Both videos in the set,VFR and IFR, contain more information, and each video is 50 percentlonger. Audio narrations for both videos have been recorded anew withsuperior hardware and software for highest quality and clarity. Userexperiences are thereby enhanced significantly in this Version2.0.

Aviation authorities require flight plans for instrument flightsand recommend them for visual flights. Air traffic control uses flightplans to vector IFR pilots, and flight plans help VFR pilots reachtheir destinations timely and accurately. In MSFS 2020, VFR and IFRflight plans are displayed in the GPS units, the navigation logs, andthe maps. Use of flight plans therefore enhances the realism of anycross-country simulation.

TopSkills has specialized in home flight-simulation training withcomprehensive books since 1997 and self-learning videos since2010.

Customers who already purchased the previous versions may downloadVersion 2.0 free of charge.

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