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The Natural World 2021 for P3D v5 Now Available


TNW2021 is a program that upgrades all the landscaping worldwide inP3D v5 to a more detailed and varied environment. It also corrects allthe autogen and 3D vegetation to look real and natural as it does inthe real world.

Howard has always had a great love of the natural world and hasbeen recreating the virtual world since 2007 to look and feel as nearto the real world as is possible. The aim is not just to increase thedetail in the landscaping which he has done to great effect, but justdoing that doesn’t always work, it's more about removing the syntheticcomputer generated look which makes the pilot's flying experience evenmore immersive.



TNW2021 covers the whole world so no matter where you fly you don'tneed to buy a addon to get the area looking good giving VFR and highflying pilots a greater sense of variety and realism plus totalfreedom to go anywhere knowing that TNW will be there.

TNW does not have any mesh programing of its own. Howard hasproduced the program with only a detailed payware mesh installed (noteven a airport). I make no apology for this, the reasoning behind itis to show what can be achieved with varied and detailed groundenvironment and a good quality mesh to produce the wow factor. Thescreen shots have been shot with the mesh still active in the sim; thescreen shots have not been airbrushed at all.

Compatibility: Prepar3D v5.

Special offer: regular price $39.99, special introductory price $26.99.



Purchase The Natural World 2021 for P3D v5 Now Available

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