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TDS Sim Software - TDS GTNXi Flight Sim


TDS Sim Software, a new company, but with vast experience in theFlight Simulator add-on and training field is proud to announce thelaunch of its first product: TDS GTNXi Flight Sim, which has beendesigned for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

The most accurate representation of the GTNXi, which is a naturalevolution of the old GTN units, it contains all the features that youhave been used to from the old GTN units along with a wealth of newfeatures: improved and higher resolution and faster graphics, moderninterface look, faster startup time, glide range ring, autopilotaltitude arc, user selectable outer knob logic, user selectablestartup page and more. Additionally, the GTNXi is capable of flyingfull RF Procedure Legs (Next Generation radius-to-fix) which give thepilot greater access to airports with challenging terrain.

This product is capable of flying autopilot coupled LPV approachesas well as the new style Visual Approaches!

For more information and to purchase the TDS GTNXi Flight Sim,please access the TDS Sim Software web site.


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