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TDM Scenery Design Update On Santiago Scenery


Here is some news from TDM Scenery Design regarding their sceneryof Santiago - Rosalia de Catro Airport for Microsoft FlightSimulator:

We leave a few photos of our LEST / Santiago - Rosalia de Catro Airport.

We are in the final stretch, we are going to work very hard toprepare the launch in September, it will have a final price of 12.49euros (taxes not included).

We want to take this opportunity to inform something veryimportant, the jetways of our airport will be static and can not beused in a short period of time until Asobo does not release the samplemodel fully compatible with SU5, the current animations are from theSU4 version and do not work properly in SU5 and this is a well-knownproblem today, jetways that disappear, jetways that do not do well themovements, separate, turn over, etc.

MSFS does not support custom animations for this type of Simobject,so doing this work requires to use the SDK sample, it requires timeand effort that we do not want to waste on something that does notwork properly, we understand if you do not want to buy the airportuntil this is implemented, but at TDM we feel that it is not worthhaving the airport on hold for just this detail, the airport has manyexternal parking lots and parking lots that do not make use of jetwaysin the terminal itself, military parking, corporate and generalaviation parking, so we are sure you can enjoy it as it is.




Also the airport as we did with LECO - A Coruna, will receive manyupdates in which we will be improving, perfecting and adding moresurprises.

Thank you all for your support.


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