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TDM Scenery Design Announces Valencia For MSFS


We are pleased to inform you that we have officially started thedevelopment of our next major Spanish airport, LEVC Valencia for MSFS2020.

This airport is very special for TDM, it is the city of residenceof our project manager and main developer, so you can be sure that itwill be a realistic and very detailed airport.

At the same time we are also working on the Caracas Venezuelaairport - Oscar Machado Zuloaga "SVCS", the biggest and most importantprivate and corporate aviation airport in Venezuela.

Our LECO A Coruña airport is already being prepared to be sold inthe Aerosoft store and the Simulator Marketplace.

As usual we will be updating it as we make important advances.

The LEVC and SVCS Airports still do not know where or who will sellthem apart from our web site.


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