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Taburet - Shoreham and Adur for MSFS


Add-on scenery covering the Shoreham Airport also know as Brighton CityAirport; adding custom objects; fixing the photorealistic texturing toeliminate doubling of apron / runways visible on the ground.

This scenery expands much further from the airport; the river Adurbenefits from a complete redesign of its waters along with numerouscorrections to display the riverbed correctly. The river basin has beenchanged from an uncontrollable flooded bath into a much more realistic andpicturesque condition of low tide. This exposes the muddy banks typical ofthe Adur.



The extension of the Adur redesign is from Widewater parking into a mile(approximately) inland past the airport looking in the northdirection. There could never have been a Shoreham airport without aspectacular Adur running around it. Very easy installation and gentle onframe rates for best enjoyment of your flight over Shoreham.




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