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Taburet - Northeast USA Trees Clearing MSFS Released


The function of this mod is to clear misplaced trees in all areas in theterritory it covers. Misplaced trees and especially trees that stand infront of buildings and roads are cleared in all areas. This improvesphotogrammetry areas, where default trees clash along with photogrammetrytrees. Photogrammetry trees and buildings are left as is without anychange.

Cities are now better visible, as the jungle is now mostly clear fromtheir streets. This mod goes further than cities, as it covers the whole ofthe region.

To re-arrange trees is a big task; it is inevitable a mod of this kindrequires resources to do the task is designed for. We tested in worst casescenarios as follow: roads; rails add-ons installed on areas of dense scenerysuch as New York and Philadelphia; areas of dense photogrammetry; these areour findings:

  • MSFS takess a little longer to load; we can say around 20 to 30 seconds
  • Over dense photogrammetry areas graphics settings will have to be reduced
  • With custom MSFS settings on high it flys well and only very few stutters noted
  • Trees are well now better positioned with photogrammetry mostly free from
  • default autogen trees invasion
  • Better night lighting as building lights can now be seen in greater number
  • Based on our findings we do recommend you stick to the requirements indicated below unless you have knowlodge of how to handle graphic settings for lower spec pc
  • Video shows performance of this mod with roads, rails installed over Philadelphia with full blow photogrammetry

Purchase Northeast USA Trees Clearing MSFS
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