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Taburet - Lydd Airport for MSFS


Taburet presents Lydd Airport, based in Kent, UK, and convenientlysituated for travelers wanting to visit the southeast of England. Arebuild for this iconic airport, including aprons, painted lines,ground markings, 3D objects and numerous adjustments in and around theairport terrain to fit with native MSFS ortho images orlandclass. This scenery can be used either with MSFS connected ordisconnected to the internet.



Lydd Airport (EGMD) is located just east of the village of Lydd, in KentCounty, England. Originally named Lydd Ferryfield, it is now also known asLondon Ashford Airport with that name referring to its operator ratherthan its location. Its runway 03/21 is only 4938 feet (1505 m) in lengthwhich limits it to planes such as the 737 or A319.

The airport lies adjacent to the unique landscape of Dungeness, acuspate foreland that is one of the largest expanses of shingle beach inEurope and is of international conservation importance for itsgeomorphology, plant and invertebrate communities and bird life, a fact thatis recognised by its designations as a national nature reserve.



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