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Taburet - Iceland DEM - Terrain for MSFS


Iceland, transformed by editing the MSFS 2020 terrain replacingelevation files with models compiled from external sources at higherresolution. Dem packages add elevation posts points to the terrain, tofurther improve the appearance and shape and forms of the whole terrain youfly over. Coverage: Iceland.


If you like to break routine flights Iceland offers breathtaking terrainwith an infinite variety of shapes and colors. It is really a fantasticterrain to fly.

There is a very talented terrain architect behind this Dem scenery(although it is compiled and put together by myself); without his knowledgeand talent this kind of scenery would not have been possible.


Iceland offers stunning place of natural beauty to fly over; too many tomention. This package will make excursion flight much more interesting asthe terrain is much better formed than default.

Simple and easy installation; lots of fun and stunning scenery to flyover. An always expanding project.



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