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Taburet - General Aviation Central America Caribbean South America


General Aviation Traffic is an add-on that adds dynamic generalaviation traffic to MSFS. The package adds 1,450,000 general aviationtype dynamic aircraft to cover the whole of Central America, Caribbeanand South America.

The following models are included: Cessna Caravan; Cessna 172;Pilatus Porter; King Air; Bell Huey helicopter; generic helicoptermodel; 2 x Grumman AA1 models; Honda Jet; Embraer Phenom 300.

All models are animated with movement and engine rotors animations,including night lighting. The system works on layers; models can beseen from 300 m to 3000 m. Honda and Embraer jets occupy the higherlayers from 2000 to 3000 m. Negligible impact on frames rates. Modelsinclude collision boxes areas. Video is for presentation to show howthe models show and move in the air; with density of traffic balancedin the package to avoid creating unrealistic traffic congestion.

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