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Taburet Expands Roads Series For MSFS 2020


Scenery developer Taburet announces the expansion of his seriesof road improvement add-ons for MSFS 2020. Now available are USAMid-West as well as Central America and Caribbean.In addition, previous releases in the series have all been updated to v1.3which includes improvements to the look of road surfaces.

The function of this scenery is to modify the roads with newasphalt texture and clear misplaced trees on all roads inside the areacovered by this add-on. This scenery consists of repaving ofmotorways; primary; secondary; trunk roads. Exclusion of trees on allroads including residential roads. Residential roads use default styleroads, with the difference they all have been cleared by trees in themiddle of them.

The newly paved roads after installation of this add-on are visibleon cockpit mapping instruments and default VFR map. It has been madewith MSFS smooth running in mind but will still provide valid VFRinformation while you fly.

Purchase Taburet - USA Mid-West Roads for MSFS 2020
Purchase Taburet - Central American and Caribbean Roads for MSFS 2020
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