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Taburet – USA West Roads For MSFS 2020


The function of this scenery is to modify the roads with new asphalttexture and clear misplaced trees on motorways and roads in the west of theUnited States. This scenery consists of repaving of motorways; primary;secondary; trunk; residentials; exclusion of trees on all motorway roads toavoid trees growing in the middle of roads. The newly paved roads afterinstallation of this add-on are visible on cockpit mapping instruments anddefault VFR map.

It has been made with MSFS smooth running in mind but will still providevalid VFR information while you fly. Vast coverage of all western UnitedStates roads; no impact on MSFS performance. New roads shading changing toneof new paved roads according of single hour of day in this package.

Coverage: West United States.

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