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Sxairportdesign Previews KBNA Update


Here are some WIP images of the much requested BNA update. Theintegration of the high resolution mesh of Prepar3D v5, (which we willintroduce into the Prepar3D v4 update) has taken a lot of work, as Ihave literally had to hand stitch the airport into the terrain.

In addition we will remove the taxiway by the terminal and asphaltthe area over, add dynamic lighting and upgrade the approach lightappearance.

The new terminal has just opened, so if anyone has any images of itfrom the air side and would like to send them to us please feel freeand we can look into adding that also.




Also there's a non color corrected WIP image of (one of) our nextprojects.


SXAD - San Antonio Int'l Released

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