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Sunskyjet Update On Detroit Metro


Sorry for the lack of communication these last months. Life hasbeen a bit chaotic recently and it hasn't left me with much energy tocommit to the project. But I do need to apologize for not letting youguys know what's going on.

In my life away from the internet I run a business that has beenhard hit by the events of the last year - and it has left me with alot on my plate.

In truth I'm a terrible multitasker - I need to focus hard on onething at a time. Fortunately, in the last few weeks I have managed tofind time to get back into development. I have just released anupdated beta version that should fix several issues and improvecountless others. A short change-list includes:

  • Custom PAPI lights
  • Custom animated + illuminated windsocks
  • Updated dynamic lighting (brighter)
  • Lots of geometry fixes
  • Seasonal switching done by lua scripting - no need for configurator
  • Better seasonal textures
  • Misc texture updates
  • Mostly up to date ground layout + taxi signage
  • Paved over grass areas with south aprons/hard stands
  • AFCAD tweaks
  • Added 22R offset approach
  • Demolished old north terminal - rubble remains. Will replace in future update with whatever DTW puts there.
  • Added missing jetways

If you've donated and didn't get the email hit me up and I'llresend it. The current future plans are to turn out an FSX and P3D v5version. I will update on those shortly. I hope you are all doingwell!

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