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Stealthy Duck Releases Fort Worth Alliance MSFS


Stealthy Duck is a scenery creator for Microsoft FlightSimulator. Our goal is to produce gorgeously hand built airports thatare in high demand and at a reasonable price. We work to always haveseveral projects currently in work at a time and provide projectstatus updates on our Discord . Our Discord provides news on upcomingprojects, timely customer support, and a space to request additionalscenery projects. We hope you will check out of products and come flywith us!


  • Over 40 custom ground markings/textures
  • 30+ Handcrafted Buildings for a total of more than 70 handcrafted, unique scenery objects.
  • Accurate Taxisigns, Wigwags, Hold short light bars
  • Runway extension of 16 and additional taxiway Alpha to ends of 16L-R
  • Taxiway Papa, P1, and P2 entrances into Amazon Air Hub (missing from stock)

Unique Models

  • Amazon Prime Air Hub
  • Hillwood Airways
  • TCC Aviation School / Erma C. Johnson Hadley Northwest Center of Excellence
  • Robinson Aerospace
  • Fort Worth Fire Station #35
  • GDC Technics
  • KAFW Weather, FBO, and Hangars
  • FedExpress headquarters and shipping hub
  • Paramount Aerospace Systems
  • ATAC - Airborne Tactical Advantage Company
  • Dickies Wharehouse
  • Custom Beacon
  • KAFW Tower with custom red white and blue lighting
  • Honor Gaurd Memorial - Freedom Plaza

...and much more!


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