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Stairport Sceneries Updates Frisian Islands For MSFS


Stairport Sceneries have updated their Frisian Islands scenery forMicrosoft Flight Simulator:

The East Frisian Islands for MSFS got an update:

  • Updated AI networks
  • Revised terraforming
  • Objects are rebuilt to increase visibility
  • Fixed crashes when touching down on a runway

Discover the East Frisian North Sea islands now also in the newMicrosoft Flight Simulator.

Every single island included - from Norderney over Langeoog toBorkum - has been built with attention to detail. This gets especiallyclear with many striking landmarks and the color corrected Orthophotofor every airfield. There are many details for you to be explored onevery single airfield.

All airfields have been implemented based on over 5.000 photographsand are thus very lifelike. Moreover, there is also the opportunity toapproach helipads.

Thanks to the additional HD ground layout and static aircrafts thathave been created individually for the region, there is nothing leftto interfere with the realistic simulation flight experience.

Purchase Airfields East Frisian Islands for MSFS

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