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Stairport Sceneries Previews St. Mary's Airport


EGHE St. Mary Airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator is in finalstage of testing and getting optimized for Xbox.

St Mary's Airport or Isles of Scilly Airport is an airport located1 nautical mile east of Hugh Town on St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly,to the south west of Cornwall, UK. It is the only airport serving theIsles of Scilly, handling all air traffic to and from the Islands.



Whilst we await the release of Stairport Sceneries Xbox rendition,why not check out Ray Taburet's version in the store:

Taburet - St Mary's - Isles of Scilly for MSFS - FlightSim.Com Store

Our very own Neil Birch reviewed it earlier this year and concluded with the following:

"Taburet's rendition of Saint Mary's Airport in the Scilly Islandsis a welcomed addition to the Flight Simulator world. Not only does itoffer simmers a chance to visit a truly lovely part of the UK, but italso does it at a price that doesn't hurt. There are areas which Iwould like to see some improvement on, namely the documentation andnight lighting, but apart from that...it's hard to fault thisdelightful scenery."

Complete Review Here

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