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Spinoza - US Lighthouses Vol. 1 MSFS


Volume 1 of US Lighthouses is an invitation to visit the most iconiclighthouses in the USA. These landmarks are a must-have if you fly VFR.

You will fly over 7 wonderful landmarks (GPS coordinates included):

  • Assateague Lighthouse (37.911158, -75.356054)
  • Cape Henry Lighthouse (36.926089, -76.008047)
  • Cape Lookout (34.622630, -76.524418)
  • Currituck Beach Light (36.376632, -75.830719)
  • Harbour Town Lighthouse (32.138152, -80.81234)
  • Hillsboro Intel Light (26.259693, -80.081016)
  • Saint Augustine Lighthouse (29.889402, -81.291672)



Enjoy your flight!

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