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SoFly Weather Preset Pro Updated To v1.20


A brand new free update to Weather Preset Pro is now available todownload. Version 1.20 will add ten new presets to the collection,meaning that customers will now have 60 visually stunning and accuratepresets in their collection.

Since the release of Weather Preset Pro, we have committed toproviding free updates to our customers and providing even more valueto the utility product. The new presets are primarily focused typicalUK weather to coincide with the release of the new World Update.

Changelog V1.20

  • UK: Typical English Day - Low clouds and rain fill the air in this stereotypical weather preset.
  • UK: Typical Spring Day - As the sunshine breaks through the clouds, a light breeze can be felt in the air.
  • UK: Typical Summer Day - A warm 24c outside and minor cloud coverage mean you have a great day of flying ahead.
  • UK: Autumn Day - Cooler air with a slight drizzle means you have some cloud dodging to do with this Autumn profile.
  • UK: Indian Summer - As summer ends, there’s still warmth left in the atmosphere, along with a subtle orange glow.
  • UK: Summer Storms - It may be hot, but these storms can be dangerous if not avoided.
  • UK: Light Snow Coverage - A small snow coverage with some snowfall in this wintery scene.
  • UK: Frosty Winter Morning - A cold start to do the day with plenty of ice and frost still on the ground.
  • UK: Storm Christoph - Whilst Storm Christoph battered the UK, now is your chance to experience flying in these challenging conditions.

About Weather Preset Pro

SoFly is proud to release Weather Preset Pro for Microsoft FlightSimulator. A new tool designed to help simmers experience a variety ofweather types in the simulator at the change of a button.


About Weather Preset Pro

Weather Preset Pro adds over 40 custom made presets that cover awide range of weather types and scenarios. Many of the presets gobeyond what can be achieved through the built-in system by adding evendeeper snow layers, reduced visibility and increasing the amount ofprecipitation. This enables users to experience much more realisticstorm scenarios, opens up the possibilities for sandstorms and alsohelps to reduce visibility for those CAT III approaches.


Weather Preset Pro is perfect for those who are looking to recreatebreathtaking weather conditions anywhere in the world. Have a blizzardsweep across humid destinations or a Tropical Storm take place in theheart of London. All of the changes can be made on-the-fly from withinthe simulator without the need for an additional application.

Weather Preset Pro doesn’t change or alter live weather and isaimed at those looking to have different weather types in their simfrom a range we’ve included. Many of the presets included arecustom-made beyond what is possible using the in-built sliders meaningconditions such as Sandstorms, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are evenmore daunting and realistic.


Purchase SoFly - Weather Preset Pro - MSFS
Also available: SoFly – A Guide to Flight Simulator – MSFS 2020

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