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SoFly Weather Preset Pro Updated To v1.10


We are pleased to announce that Weather Preset Prohas been updated to version 1.10. This new version fixes a handful ofbugs, adds a few new changes but most importantly, expands on theoriginal 40 presets. Weather Preset Pro now includes 50 weatherpresets for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator and enables them toquickly and easily apply a huge variety of weather scenarios to testtheir skills or capture the perfect shot.

The new presets include additional jetstream presets, additionalvisibility conditions, new storm formations and also wild fireconditions.

Whilst we're excited by the new presets, we're also pleased to havefound better ways to implement some of our ideas in the previous buildand used new techniques to make them more visually appealing andrealistic to fly through. We have toned down some of the harsh windsfrom some of the conditions and improved how your aircraft controlsduring those stormy approaches.

Changelog V1.10

  • NEW – 10 New weather presets including Wildfires, Towering Clouds, and Shallow Fog
  • ADDED – New content to the manual to bring in-line with new presets
  • CHANGED – Installer now notifies when successfully installed into the simulator
  • CHANGED – Numerous changes to various weather presets to make them more realistic
  • FIX – Fixed various issues with uncontrollable aircraft in certain scenarios.

About Weather Preset Pro

SoFly is proud to release Weather Preset Pro for Microsoft FlightSimulator. A new tool designed to help simmers experience a variety ofweather types in the simulator at the change of a button.


About Weather Preset Pro

Weather Preset Pro adds over 40 custom made presets that cover awide range of weather types and scenarios. Many of the presets gobeyond what can be achieved through the built-in system by adding evendeeper snow layers, reduced visibility and increasing the amount ofprecipitation. This enables users to experience much more realisticstorm scenarios, opens up the possibilities for sandstorms and alsohelps to reduce visibility for those CAT III approaches.


Weather Preset Pro is perfect for those who are looking to recreatebreathtaking weather conditions anywhere in the world. Have a blizzardsweep across humid destinations or a Tropical Storm take place in theheart of London. All of the changes can be made on-the-fly from withinthe simulator without the need for an additional application.

Weather Preset Pro doesn’t change or alter live weather and isaimed at those looking to have different weather types in their simfrom a range we’ve included. Many of the presets included arecustom-made beyond what is possible using the in-built sliders meaningconditions such as Sandstorms, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are evenmore daunting and realistic.


Purchase SoFly - Weather Preset Pro - MSFS
Also available: SoFly – A Guide to Flight Simulator – MSFS 2020

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