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Sofly Updates A Guide to Flight Simulator - Extended Edition for MSFS


We're delighted to announce the immediate availability of A Guideto Flight Simulator: Extended Edition. The latest version of ouraward-winning guide adds information on World Update VI, the newlyadded hand-crafted airports and information for upcoming aircraft andDLC coming to the simulator.

Version 1.20 adds all-new content for owners of A Guide to FlightSimulator: Extended Edition free of charge and continues to deliver onour promise of updating the guide as the simulator develops.

In addition to the new World Update information, we have updatedour performance guide to include the new 'Offscreen terrain precaching' option and also information on the new Safe Mode. Finally, anew Spotlight section has been added that focuses on flight simulationcommunities.

Owners of A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition candownload version 1.20 of the guide now for free from the originalplace of purchase. If you purchased directly through SoFly, you candownload the update from your account now. If you purchased from apartner store, you will need to sign into that account and download itthere. There may be a short delay as the vendor uploads the mostup-to-date version.

Changelog v1.20

  • NEW - World Update VI Info
  • NEW - Spotlight - Flight Sim Communities
  • UPDATED - Added information on Safe Mode
  • UPDATED - 'Offscreen terrain pre caching' added to performance guide

Total Page Count: 406.

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