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SoFly - Guide To Flight Simulator MSFS 2020 Update v1.10 Released


Note: Previous customers can just return to theFlightSim.Com Storeand download the book again to get the update.

Changelog V1.10

  • NEW - Boosting Performance for your Simulator
  • NEW - How to Find Animals
  • NEW - How to Unlock All Achievements in the Simulator
  • NEW - Information on how to print and move to a different device
  • ADDED - Remaining Airports
  • ADDED - New Tips for Multiplayer
  • ADDED - Link to Blog Post for Improving Download Speed on Installation
  • FIX - Corrected Logitech Error on Page 15
  • FIX - Corrected Gibraltar ICAO code on page 80
  • FIX - Changed details about server availability on page 120

About SoFly's Guide To Flight Simulator

SoFly is pleased to announce the release of A Guide to FlightSimulator. This is the first of many supportive tools to help bothnewcomers and experienced simmers with the hobby.

This stunning 148-page digital guide is packed full of inspiring visualsto support you in your new flight simulator. Discover what you need to knowfrom flying with ATC and configuring camera controls, to using theaccessible user interface (UI) and completing your first trainingflight.


Spend more time flying in your new simulator with the best possible setup. SoFly’s team of experts have carefully crafted an easy to follow guide,enabling you to swiftly adapt your settings to maximise performance withoutcompromising the look of your new simulator.

A Guide to Flight Simulator will provide you with detailed informationfor each of the hand-crafted airports, whilst the tips and tricks fromcertified pilots will give you the confidence needed to completecomplicated manoeuvres and land at challenging airports. Detailed specswill help you understand each of the included aircraft to help you becomethe best virtual pilot.


The step-by-step tutorials included throughout will walk you throughyour first flights in the simulator, and provide you with travelinspiration for your next virtual flight. You'll soon be able to fly soloor online with your friends using live settings.

"A Guide to Flight Simulator" is the perfect travel companion for anyoneusing the new flight simulator, regardless of the level of experience orknowledge.



  • Over 148 pages of detailed content guiding you to have the best flight simulation experience
  • A step-by-step tutorial for you to learn about the aircraft and how they handle
  • Detailed information on every hand-crafted airport
  • Detailed information on each included aircraft
  • Tips to maximise the performance of your simulator
  • A walk-through on how to use built-in features, such as ATC, camera controls, and more
  • Detailed information on how to set up multiplayer flights with ease
  • Inspiration on landmarks and cities to explore
  • New challenges to test your piloting skills
  • Walk-through tutorials for your first flights
  • Guidance on how to use the UI (user interface) and explore the world with ease

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About SoFly

This is an all-new flight simulation company aimed at supporting,educating and providing guidance to newcomers and flight simulationenthusiasts already embarking on their simulation experience.

Working jointly with others will enable SoFly to help others feelinspired when choosing their next virtual flight. Through the use ofpodcasts, video diaries and other forms of media, those in the industry cansupport and give tips to those just joining us.

Having everything in one place to educate, inspire and guide is ourmission. Over the course of time, SoFly will be populated with a hugecollection of support for those with experience and those new to the worldof Flight Simulation.

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