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Sofly Guide To Flight Simulator MSFS 2020 Update To v1.70


Attention FlightSim.Com Store Customers

If you bought the Sofly guide from our store this is a freeupgrade. Just login to your store account, go to "My Account", anddownload the book again to get the latest version.


This version now brings the guide to 244 pages. This is over 100extra pages for free since we launched the product back in August.


Changelog v1.70

  • NEW - World Update II: US Section
  • NEW - Future of Flight Simulator
  • NEW - Future of A Guide to Flight Simulator
  • ADDED - Four new airports based on the free World Update (US) for the simulator
  • FIXED - All pages now correctly display the version number
  • FIXED - Images missing from Airbus tutorial

Spend more time flying in your new simulator with the best possibleset up. SoFly's team of experts have carefully crafted an easy tofollow guide, enabling you to swiftly adapt your settings to maximiseperformance without compromising the look of your new simulator.

A Guide to Flight Simulator will provide you with detailedinformation for each of the hand-crafted airports, whilst the tips andtricks from certified pilots will give you the confidence needed tocomplete complicated manoeuvres and land at challengingairports. Detailed specs will help you understand each of the includedaircraft to help you become the best virtual pilot.

Purchase SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - MSFS 2020

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