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SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator v1.80 Released


SoFly's A Guide to Flight Simulator Updated to Version 1.80:Virtual Reality

Following on from the most recent update which added VirtualReality to Microsoft Flight Simulator, SoFly is proud to release abrand new free update for all of our customers which will helpnewcomers and experienced simmers alike get to grips with the newfeature. Virtual Reality is a complex subject, but our guide takesaway the confusion and helps guide simmers to have the best VRexperience possible.

Version 1.80 of the guide includes new information on compatibleand recommended hardware, tips to get the best performance and alsoour recommended settings for the best balance between visual qualityand smooth frame rates. This is the first update specifically forVirtual Reality as SoFly is keen to continue learning the newtechnology and providing customers with information to have the bestsimulation experience.

Customers can download the version 1.80 update free of charge fromtheir original store of purchase. Simply head to your store, sign inand download from your account. This new version brings the total pagecount to 262, now over double the original page count when the guidewas first released in August 2020.

Version 1.90 of A Guide to Flight Simulator is due to release atthe end of January 2021 with a focus on the upcoming World Update III(United Kingdom and Ireland).

SoFly is also invites its customers to participate in a customer survey,where your responses will directly help shape the future ofSoFly's products and future guide updates.

Changelog V1.80 | Release Date: 13 JAN 2020

  • NEW - Virtual Reality recommended hardware
  • NEW - Virtual Reality performance settings
  • NEW - Virtual set-up tutorial and guide
  • ADDED - Changelog information
  • ADDED - Latest sim update information

Total page count: 262

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