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SoFly A Guide to Flight Simulator Update v1.20


The SoFly Guide to Flight Simulator has been updated to version1.20 for all current and future customers. This free update will helpyou to master the G1000 in a number of aircraft found in the newMicrosoft Flight Simulator. From understanding the built-in autopilotfunctionality to a complete training flight, the new update focusingon the G1000 will help you further developer your virtual flyingskills.

In addition, customers will now find a complete key combinationlisting which can be printed out to keep nearby whilst flying forinstant access to those default commands. Spend more time flying thansecond-guessing the control options.

All of this and more has been added to the guide completely free ofcharge for customers.

SoFly's A Guide to Flight Simulator now features 170-pages ofstunning detail to help newcomers and series simmers alike with theirbrand new flight simulator experience.

Customer Reviews:

"This is an excellent publication for anyone who has or iscontemplating purchasing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020" - DeryckH

"WOW! What a beautiful well-designed book for the MicrosoftFlight Simulator 2020. This book is exactly what I need to getfamiliar with the new MSFS 2020" - Gil D

"When I took the time to read it carefully I realize that thisbook is very impressive and a superb collection for MSFS2020." -Lucien P

Changelog v1.20

  • NEW - G1000 Tutorial
  • NEW - Airport Manoeuvring
  • NEW - Primary Key Controls
  • FIX - Corrected airport elevation for Sydney International Airport (YSSY)

if you purchased from the FlightSim.Com Store just login to you store account and download the book again to get the latest version.

Purchase SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator – MSFS 2020

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