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Smooth Track Head Tracker For MSFS 2020


SmoothTrack (iOS+Android) - seamless Head Tracking with any iOS 13or AR-capable Android device!

Developer John Goering has created an app which allows you to do justthis; as long as it has a front facing camera. The app itself isavailable from both the Apple and Google Play stores, and apparentlytakes no longer than five minutes to set up. The Android version iscurrently in beta form, so at the moment it is heavily discounted(A£3.99 if purchased in the UK).


Any game that supports the FreeTrack or TrackIR protocol will workwith this, including Flight Simulator, Elite: Dangerous, FSX, IL2:Sturmovik, and many, many others!

Silky smooth head tracking for your games - no extra equipmentrequired!


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