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SimWorks Studios Posts Update About Kodiak For MSFS


Another small update on the Kodiak. The exterior is pretty much awrap and we are doing the final adjustments to our liveries! On thatfront, we were honoured to acquire a license from Aviation SansFrontieres to make a livery for the Kodiak in their colors!

We are also in the process of adding cargo to the cabin that willdepend on the aircraft configuration and weight in each station. Inthe picture below you can see three levels of cargo loading on thevarious stations:

  • Light load: two rows of boxes stacked
  • Medium load: four rows (background)
  • Heavy load: six rows (forward half of the aircraft)


We are also working hard to add some weight-based passenger modelsinto the cabin, but the timeframes are tight. There is a bit morefixing to do in the cabin but we expect to have the various stencilsand fixes done by Friday, to close out the model.


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