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SimWorks Studios Kodiak Packages Update


A bit late, but with good reason, here is an update on the Kodiakpackages.

A big flight model update was delivered to us this past week, whichwill improve the response of the aircraft. Many people complained thatthe plane was very sensitive to pitch input, something we attributedto the short travel that most desktop yokes have. After a long time oftweaking and balancing, the next update will improve this aspect ofthe Kodiak's handling.

Additionally, the plane was low on power after SU8. The new flightmodel significantly improves that issue.

Next, the float plane: the flight dynamics are done, and the planecan float reasonably well (?), given MSFS' flight modellimitations. We want to fine-tune some bits with the ground handlingand a couple of code bugs, and the plane will be ready to go to Daherfor final checks.

Our intention is to release the update to the wheeled Kodiak andthe Amphibian variant after SU10 is out, in order to take advantage ofthe new NXi version and some new features coming in that version.

Purchase Simworks Studios - Kodiak 100 Series II for MSFS at the FlightSim.Com Store

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