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Simworks Studios - F-4B/N Phantom II PBR for P3Dv4



Feel the thrill of operating from an aircraft carrier, learn theintricacies of your aircraft and use your weapons against enemies inthe air and on the ground! The SWS F-4B/N Phantom II is the definitivesimulation of the iconic F-4B Phantom II! This exciting renditioncontains:

  • Detailed model variants covering the aircraftÂ’s history from the 1950s to the 1970s
  • Cockpits variants for the different eras
  • Sleek loadout manager
  • Customizable exteriors
  • Deep flight and systems modeling, different for each aircraft
  • TacPack ready out-of-the-box!


Visual Model

Hundreds of pictures were used to capture and animate every detailof the Phantom. Nose-to-tail and tip-to-tip, the SWS F-4B is the mostaccurate and detailed representation of the F-4 Phantom. Contained inthe package:

  • 19 carefully researched liveries, showing the flamboyant schemes of the 60's and 70's. Subtle details such as patches and weathering give the impression of a used, but still fresh aircraft!
  • Many ECM and structural modifications are modelled
  • High detail virtual cockpits, different for the early and late era.


Aircraft Systems And Flight Dynamics

Detailed systems that realistically simulate the aircraft have been created based on manuals, research material and real pilot input:

  • Two sets of aircraft systems reflecting the operational differences between the early production phantoms vs the later models.
  • Simulation of advanced systems such as Air Data Computer, Aileron-Rudder interconnect, INS, Autopilot, including the differences between older and newer airframes
  • From take-off and landing, to adverse yaw & turn performance, we have strived to capture the F-4 PhantomÂ’s flight performance and quirks!
  • Adjustable cockpit lighting using Prepar3D's PBR materials and realistic RADAR and RWR displays offering great immersion with no FPS impact (courtesy of MilViz)


The F-4 Phantom comes equipped with a fully working RADAR and RWRsuite working exactly like its real counterpart. Use the Phantom'sRADAR modes and features to swat enemies off the sky, followingrealistic procedures and feeling what it was like to be a RIO in themighty Phantom! A weapons & loadout manager allows you to load youraircraft with a wide assortment of weapons, from fuel tanks to A/Amissiles to bombs!

The aircraft is also TacPack ready out of the box, so VRS TacPack owners will be able to use the F-4's weapons systems to attack air and ground targets in P3D!


Carrier Ops

The F-4B Phantom II is comes fully integrated with default carriersand our own Carriers Extended framework, featuring:

  • Full aircraft profile for use with SWS carriers
  • TACAN and ICLS
  • Automatic Carrier Landing System

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