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SimWorks Studios Dev Update


Time for another update, with a little surprise.

First off, work is progressing well on our PC-12 enginesimulation. Most of the basic components are now in and working. Cleanup will follow before we move on to the next huge step -beta range!While MSFS' system was respectable, it lacked the most notable featurefound in all modern turboprop engines. We believe that the SWS PC-12will be able to offer a proper beta range without using invisiblesurfaces and other dirty workarounds. On the subject of turbopropsstill, we have received some bug reports about the Kodiak's failuresystem. We are looking into that as some cases started from user error(hot starts), but we suspect a bug may be present as well.

On the RV-14, we have identified a bug with the GNS530 version ofthe cockpit -it is not possible to turn off the 330 transponder,because the G3X unit is turning it back on. So both the GTN330 and G3Xtransponders are considered the same by MSFS, and it is impossible toturn only one of them off. That is a bug that we can't work around,and we will have to ship with that. Minus a couple of minor hiccups,we think it is good to go. To get some fresh eyes on it, though, thisversion will also be tested by the new testers as well.

Regarding our beta program, we are processing the beta applicationsand contacting the applicants chosen as you're reading these lines. Weanticipate to complete the process and have the new testing team onboard by next weekend.

Now to something you have been asking us for constantly - the Dash7! The exterior is complete and fully animated. At this point in timewe are refitting the liveries on the aircraft, as we had to do somecorrections to the fuselage. The cockpit is modelled and in theprocess of being textured and animated. This is an arduous task asthere are hundreds of moving parts in there and for some of them wehave to wait for texturing to be finished before animating them-instrument needles, for example. Good progress is being made on thatfront though, and we should see the end of it soon. Here are somepreview screenshots of the cockpit, please note that these wereliterally taken while working on it, not posed beauty shots-definitely not indicative of the final product!

The flight model handles well, and we are working on the lower-endof the performance at this time. Systems coding is complete and finalchecks will take place once the cockpit 100% complete and in thegame. Regarding the depth of the aircraft, the PILOT'S Dash 7 is beingbuilt to appeal to both new and experienced simmers. The aim is tohave a level of system complexity that will not be overwhelming, yetaccurate and feature-rich. Aircraft systems will allow virtual pilotsto perform all the relevant flight and navigational tasks that areneeded on their routes, without burying functionality down to acircuit breaker level.

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